1. Thermaltake Massive TM Notebook Cooler

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Massive TM Notebook Cooler
Massive TM notebook cooler is thin and light. This aluminium notebook cooler with dual 12cm temperature regulated fans comes with 4 adjustable temperature sensor and control panel display to monitor various heat generation points for best thermal performance. The excellent ergonomic design makes the most comfortable viewing angle and hand position.
Extreme Ventilation
Dual 120mm temperature regulated fans allowing manual/automatic adjust the fan speed with a click of a button 

Temperature Sensor
Adjustable temperature sensor monitoring up to four different areas, pin-point the hottest part of your notebook. (0℃~99 ℃)
Display/Control Panel

Easy and smart multi-function display panel showing information from each sensor. Also includes lock button and fan control

Elegance of Aluminum
Brushed aluminum panel for added elegance. The hexagon shaped mesh allows the best airflow rate to aid cooling.
Ergonomic Humanity
Massive TM designed with all the ergonomic concept, test out three appropriate ways for user , with the best visual angle and the height position of the hand, get ready to work comfortably!


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